Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reading the classics aloud

I have it in my head to read aloud to the kids every night. Not the typical kids books that we read all day long, but something meatier, something longer, something that requires them to maintain the storyline until the next day. We have started with one of my favorites, The Little House series. I remember my mom reading them to my sisters and I when we were young. So that is a great place to start. But where do I go next? What books would my kids enjoy? What are considered the classic, must read books? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Here are some of my favorites...

Wind in the Willows
Little Women
Aesops Fables
Any of the old, "Little Golden Books"

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of now. Make sure that you get the illustrated versions, because that will hold Kiddo's and Kutey's interest more than just listening to words. :)

kemtee said...

Little Golden Books are GREAT.

Some stuff I've found and rediscovered via HSH:
Frog & Toad
A.A. Milne and the Winnie the Pooh treasury
the Frances books (Bedtime for Frances, Bread & Jam for Frances, etc.)
Make Way for Ducklings
Beatrix Potter's stories

and new ones that are fun:
Mr. Putter & Tabby (series)
Poppleton (series)
Benny (by Bob Graham)
Click Clack Moo -- Cows that Type (series)

…all discovered and rediscovered courtesy of the public library.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add the The Magic School Bus series has early chapter books as well. Those are wonderful to read. And, as soon as kiddo is old enough, the Magic TreeHouse series is fantastic.

They may not be classics, but they certainly are great books.