Monday, October 26, 2009

too many ideas!


We started doing Halloween things today, you know, crafts and the like (we had our muffin tins and we made these fabulous skeletons! I'll post pictures hopefully later this week).

Kiddo wants more. And he has BIG ideas (always--he has never once had a small idea). And so I went looking for more things to do (because our week wasn't full enough--we have a Halloween related outing everyday from now until Halloween--I told you it is always one of the busiest weeks on our calendar!). I want to do sooooooo many of them! People out there in webland have such amazingly creative brains!

Here are a few I hope we can get done this week:
Paper Bats from 4 Crazy Kings--SO cute. SO simple. Can't wait.
Spider web boards from Vintage Chica--This one may require a trip to the hardware store (though I could do the craft she based it on without going anywhere, I have paper plates and yarn) but I think it would be worth it. These are awesome. I think the kids would love banging in the nails, and I would love making the spiderwebs, oh, and so would the kids!
Ghost Garland from wendolonia--This one would require either a trip to the fabric store, or a paper substitution (which is much more likely!) I probably only need to make 3-5 for the space Kiddo wants to have ghosts in. Paper might have to do for this year and then we can make the cloth ones for next year. I think they will last a little longer, so we wouldn't have to make them year after year. That will open up more time for all the other things I find to do!

There are others, trust me. But I think 3 is probably MORE than enough for us to bite off right now. We also have to carve our pumpkins, which requires us to buy pumpkins first, which requires a visit to the pumpkin patch, which requires locating a pumpkin patch that is closer than a half hour away. Yep, we'll be plenty busy!

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