Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Classroom Today--August 31

The weather this summer has been rather tricky. We have had many HOT days (well, hot for us, anyway), and the humidity on those days has often been intolerable. And the threat of rain is frequent. Such was the case today. The forecast was for rain. And really, that would have been better. We opted for an inside location for our weekly gathering.

classroom This is the play structure. My kids disappeared inside and I caught a glimpse or two of them but did not see them for the next 45 minutes. There is also a gymnasium with ride on toys, basketball hoops, and a bounce house. The kids had fun, I guess. It was loud. It was crowded (apparently everyone had the same idea!) The ride on toys were a hot commodity. Probably not a problem under normal circumstances, but Kutey and I were both a bit off and tired, which meant lots of tears for her, and lots of me acting in ways that I don't normally like (my friend called me ruthless. Yeah. Not my norm.) We left after a couple of hours, completely exhausted--physically and/or emotionally--by the excursion. While it is one of the few large motor areas available to us in the winter months, I am not sure we'll be going back any time soon.

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