Thursday, November 18, 2010

Buffalo Bills

This morning while we were at my MOMS Club meeting, Kutey was in the kids room. We got there halfway through the meeting, in time for the speaker (I planned it that way). I took Kutey's coat and sent her into the room, not really worrying about it (I made sure the adult in charge saw she was there, but that was it). I went in and set Kiddo up in the back of the room, then quickly sat down to listen to the speaker. I had been sitting down for 2 minutes when one of the moms helping in the kids room came over to me. It seems that they were having snack, but Kutey would not have one until I said it was OK. Oy. Both of my kids are like this. They will not take something offered to them unless I say it is OK. I don't know where it comes from. I don't remember making an issue of it. I don't mind, it is just kind of funny.

I asked Kutey about it after the meeting, and she said she told the mom she wasn't sure if she should have a snack. The mom knows me and understood what that meant, and hence came and asked me. I asked Kutey what the snack was and she said "Buffalo Bills." Don't know what that is? Me either! Care to make a guess (and no fair guessing if you were at the meeting!)

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