Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday History Field Trips

After the three Fridays at Fort Snelling, and the next Friday at Split Rock Lighthouse, I had another Friday History field trip planned to a history festival. Though we ended up not going due to a simply overwhelming week, I started to think that Fridays were starting to be History Field Trip days.

So I started planning them that way. For the last several weeks, we have been going on field trips to historical sites in our area. I haven't organized any formal groups, finding instead that we are able to get more out of it when we go alone. Kiddo likes to explore things more slowly than many kids do. This is something that really interests him; I want to make sure he has the time he needs to see what he wants to see. Not to mention the freedom to ask the questions he wants to ask. I have found that sometimes, it is just better to go it alone. We still go on some field trips with others, and enjoy those experiences, but having the freedom to spend the time we want to spend and not having to wait for others has proven to be a big benefit.

I have three more field trips to update--Folsom House in Taylors Falls, Marine Mill in Marine on St. Croix, and Le Duc House in Hastings. But if you are interested in history, keep watching for the posts about out Friday History Field Trips!

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