Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A nice day at the park

In November it is very odd for me to say we had a nice day at the park. But yesterday's highs were in the 70's, so we took a walk to the park. The kids loved it, as usual. Kiddo wanted to use our five senses on everything. I have never had to listen to so much dirt before! Kutey conquered a new ladder on the equipment, just in time for winter and HOPEFULLY new equipment in the spring. Our park is a wreck. They have put metal plates in at least 7 places, one of which was a landing that actually fell through. The others are just exceptionally worn places. They have also closed a slide because it is cracked. Many of the other parks in my city have received updated equipment. Ours has not. Ours is one of the bigger parks in the city, and serves a large geographic area, but they have put replacing the equipment on the back burner while they build a new Environmental Learning Center. I am excited for the ELC, but I still want a usable park. I am afraid by spring we won't have one...

But for this warm spell in November, it served its purpose. We had fun, we got some much needed fresh air, and I think I can safely say it was the best part of the day for me.

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