Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting with kids

Our daily walk today took us to our local precinct to vote. Hubby stayed home from work so he could avoid the rush in what is expected to be a high turnout election. We prepared for the worst. We had snacks, and books, and toys for the kids. Yes, we could have taken turns going to the polls and staying with the kids, but Kiddo has been to every poll since his birth. I think the process is important enough that I always take the kids with me. It also opens a lot of conversational doors: what we are voting for, why we vote, why we chose to vote the way we did. I think I am a more informed voter because I expect to have to explain my position to a 5 year-old. I feel like I have to have some idea of what I am saying in order to make sure I am explaining it in a way he can understand. I tend to avoid political conversations in most circles, but not with my kids. They were both fascinated by the process and we did not need the provisions. We got in and out in no time. I think it took me longer to fill out the ballot than it did to do anything else. Tonight I hope to pop some popcorn and watch the returns trickle in. We'll see how much of that the kids are interested in.

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kemtee said...

Involve them early and they'll be set for life.

I don't think I can watch the returns, though. I might do my guts more damage than not.