Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emergency Preparedness

Kiddo woke up this morning and, in the most chipper of voices, told us he had a bad dream. We asked him about it, as we usually do. He began telling us about it, a generic bad dream that was not terribly worrisome to us. Part way through the telling of the dream he told us it was ok, because you could just call 9-1-1. We haven't covered 9-1-1. It has been mentioned in passing, but no more than that. We started pushing a bit to see just what he knows.

Now here is where he shocked us. He could tell us how to dial it, who would come, and when it should be called. He knew the fire department is contacted that way, the police are contacted that way, and the ambulance is contacted that way. We didn't "teach" him that, he just picked it up. Hubby disclosed that that he had been feeling badly that we hadn't taught him about 9-1-1. Guess we needn't worry. Kiddo is prepared!

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Preparedness Pro said...

Isn't it interesting the things that kids pick up? How old is he?