Wednesday, April 14, 2010


To go along with our Rainbow Muffin Tins this week, we are doing some fun rainbow explorations. Today, in addition to reading Don Freeman's A Rainbow of My Own, we made a rainbow of our own.
I got the information for the project fromKidzone.
You put some milk in a bowl, a drop of red food coloring at one point, a drop of yellow food coloring at another point (1/3 of the bowl away), a drop of blue food coloring another third away. Then put a drop of dish soap in the middle of the bowl. Apparently the soap and milk don't mix. As the soap spreads across the top, the colors mix.
It didn't work quite that well. I had to put in more than one drop of soap. And I twisted the bowl to get the colors moving. Once they began mixing, though, it was more interesting to watch!
We filled out the observation sheet from kidszone, too. I had them color the color wheel sheet from there, too. I printed off the color mixing page from First-School, too, but the kids didn't get to that one. The other two were enough.

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