Friday, January 13, 2012

Outside my window...

Outside my window, there is snow falling. It has varied from snow-globe to single drifting flakes for most of the morning. It hasn't amounted to much, but it has been beautiful. Given the paucity of snow we have had this winter, I am pleased to see it. I dread the drought warnings that come when we have a light snow winter, and this is certainly one of the lightest in my memory. Of course, it has also been warm. It was 53 degrees on Tuesday. It was 13 degrees yesterday. 40 degree difference in 48 hours. Sounds about right.

I am enjoying sitting here snuggled under my blanket listening to the kids play and sipping my tea. We had plans to go to the Science Museum today. As we got ready, however, it became apparent that what the kids longed for was a day of nothing. They wanted to play with their toys. They wanted to read. They wanted to stay home. Instead of forcing a field trip that didn't have to happen, I decided to listen to the kids and just stay home.

The quiet and peace of the snow, the warm tea, the kids playing happily together, are all wonderful. This is one of those moments I want to bottle up and preserve.

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