Monday, January 12, 2009

Art Class

Last fall, a new art school opened in our area. They offered a once a month homeschool art explore class. Kiddo LOVED it. Unfortunately the school did not survive. Fortunately the woman who was the program director has started her own school, in the same building, and will be teaching the homeschool art explore classes. The new school is called Brushworks School of Art. Today was supposed to be the first class. Unfortunately, as is apt to happen in Minnesota, we had a snow storm. It has been snowing literally all day. I shoveled the driveway at about one, and there is at least as much snow on it now as I already shoveled, 3 or so inches. We ventured out, we made it to art class, but Kiddo would have been the only student. She was willing to instruct just him, but since it is one of the times he gets to socialize with other homeschooled kids, I felt it would be best to wait and have him come to the rescheduled class with the other kids. And yes, she is rescheduling the class. She is a great person, and very easy to work with. I have high hopes for her school, and for Kiddo's continued participation in the classes. I have already signed him up through May.

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kemtee said...

What? Snowstorm in January? Say it ain't so.

I wish that would happen here. I love to watch the news ninnies go all berserkers. Besides, I could stay home and knit.

Keep me posted on the art school. I wish there were something like that here.