Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am still trying to sort out what to do for reading with Kiddo. He reads everyday. I have a bunch of books from the library, a bunch I bought from Half-Price Books, and a bunch we just have, somehow. A little variety has helped a bit. He has options this way. He LOVES The Carrot Seed. Given the choice, he would read that one daily. I have been letting him, figuring repetition is good, in some ways. As he is memorizing parts of it, however, I have also been asking that he read another book along with it. That seems to be helping, and we are getting a bit of variety in our reading. Here Comes the Snow, Hop on Pop, and We Are Monsters have also had great popularity.

I have been exploring curricula, also, as I mentioned. I have requested Explode the Code through inter-library loan as a way to see if it works before I invest in it. Not that the workbooks are expensive, by any means. I just don't want to buy it only to find out Kiddo doesn't like it and we ditch it almost as fast as we started it. I also didn't know what level to start him with, and since the placement test would cost the same as buying 2 different levels, I decided this was the best option. I wish I could find Spell to Write and Read that way, too, but thus far, no luck. I think I will also request Five In a Row through inter-library loan. I'd like to take a look at it as well.

I found a free math curriculum that we are currently using. I printed it off and put it in a little construction paper covered book, and Kiddo has been enjoying working through the pages. It is out of the UK, so some of the words in the instructions are different (I had to explain what a lorry was), but so far it seems like a decent way to get some math concepts in while I sort through the other options!

I also found a new web resource I like, . Tons of free resources for everything, along with give aways. I'll be adding it to the sidebar.

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