Thursday, January 29, 2009


In a recent edition of my local paper there was an article regarding the exploration of adding a "Gifted Academy" to a neighboring school district. Apparently this is currently all the rage, as my district is exploring something similar. But I digress. In the article, there is a quote by the superintendent of the district that has me more than a bit concerned for the students in the district, but you tell me if it is disconcerting or not. Here is the quote:

“(Gifted students) learn best in settings where they can explore and take their learning to new and higher levels.”

That is exactly how it appeared. I assume she said "they" instead of "gifted students" so the paper had to tweak it a bit, but even given that, I am concerned. Why? Because I think ALL students need these settings, not just those considered "gifted." All students need the time and space to explore. All students need to be able to take their learning to new and higher levels. All students deserve that kind of treatment. So what, the district will put the gifted into this kind of setting and leave the others behind? I suppose they can't afford this kind of education for all students. But it still pains me to think of the good that could come from all students being given this opportunity, all students being given the time and freedom to explore.

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kemtee said...

And this, my dear, is exactly why I've bypassed the public school system.