Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preschool activity bag swap

This morning, the kiddlings and I drove (and drove and drove and drove) to the northern side of our metropolitan area for a "Preschool Activity Bag Swap." What's that? Good question. I put together 23 bags of one activity (in my case, it was "Bag o Buttons"--a button sorting activity). Each other person in th group did a different activity, making 23 of it. They are all different, ranging from things like "Let's Go Fishing" to "String It" to "Ring Toss" with plastic drinking bottles. Then we all get together and we each take home one of every bag. The instructions and ideas all come from Preschool Activities in a Bag, and someone in our local preschool group took charge in organizing (Thanks Bree!). I now have 22 different activities to do with Kutey (one person didn't show up with her bags, unfortunately). More importantly, she can do some of them herself, while I work with Kiddo.

The swap took place at an indoor park. If you haven't been paying attention to our weather (and, unless you live here, why would you), it has been cold here. We have had brief warm-ups (our January thaw was one day where I think we managed to hit the freezing mark, but I can't be certain), but in general it has been cold. I always hesitate to pay $5 per kid to go and spend time at a petri dish indoor play area, but since we were driving 45 minutes up there, I figured I might as well. It also allowed kiddo some time to play with one of his best homeschool friends, so we stayed and played. It was a great way to run off some energy, and kiddo was much more amused by it than our mall walk on Monday. I just hope we used enough soap and hand sanitizer!

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