Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Classroom Today--January 12


In spite of our proximity to the Mall of America, we tend to avoid going there. But a friend in our Tuesday playgroup told me about Butterfly Bay, and this morning they were having free admission. So off we went.

It was beautiful. Well, given it was inside a mall, it was beautiful. We were lucky enough to enter just as they were releasing a new batch of butterflies. The butterfly in the picture above was handed to our friend M. It stayed on her hand the entire time we were there. She finally had to force it off when we were getting ready to go out. Kiddo freaked out a little bit when we first went in because a butterfly landed on his head. It didn't stay very long, but he was a little uncertain about it anyway. There were informative signs posted throughout the area. I am hoping to review some of what we learned about butterflies in the next week or so, after we finish our snowflake study.

After the butterflies we hit the food court for some lunch, a big treat for us since we are rarely in a mall. We sat at the railing and watched all the rides in Nickelodeon Universe. While the kids liked some of them, there were no real requests to ride them.

After lunch we headed down to Lego Land, at the request of Kiddo. He loves to look at the Lego sets and dream of one day owning them. They have an area where you can build little cars with Legos and then race them down a track. So we spent some time playing there, too.

We still managed to get in the things we need to do daily, and tonight we will start our snowflake experiment, so in all it will have been a great school day!

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