Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Classroom Today--January 19

Another trip to the Mall of America. Twice in a month. This time, it was for a grand field trip (complete with contract!) to Underwater World. Basically, a giant aquarium with different sections and a huge tube at the bottom to walk through.


As you can see, you get a very different perspective on things when you are looking up at them from the bottom! The moon jellies you see there were not in the large tube. They were out in a little aquarium in a corner just before the end of the line gift shop. They were by far my favorite. I think I could have sat there and watched them swim about for hours. They were beautiful and calming.

The kids favorite was overwhelmingly the saw fish. I think we stood in one spot for 15 minutes waiting for it to swim by just right so the kids could get a picture of it! Other favorites were the loggerhead sea turtles, the various different rays, and the N*mo fish display. It was a bit odd to me that they had Finding N*mo playing right next to the real thing. We ended up stopped in that area for a while waiting for a large, loud homeschool group (not ours, there was another one there, on the same day, oddly enough!) to clear out of the area. It was astonishing to me how many of the kids stopped to watch the movie, and barely even noticed the aquarium next to it that held some of the fish species from the movie.

I have to note that the sea star pictured above is a "Chocolate Chip Sea Star." I HAD to take a picture of that. it really did look like it was decorated with chocolate chips. NUM!

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