Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Classroom Today--January 26

classroomWe hit the zoo again today. We had planned to learn a bit more about dolphins, always a favorite at the zoo. In preparation, I checked out books about dolphins, we watched a dolphin video, and I tried to prepare an easy dolphin copy book. Being a perfectionist, however, and wanting to be able to share it without worries about copyright, I didn't get it finished. Watch for it in the next couple of weeks. We'll be revisiting the theme at the beginning of March, I think, and then I'll have it all pulled together.

In the meantime, however, I picked up oodles of colored pencils at the thrift shop one day. I had enough to make 7 packets of 11 pencils each. Each packet has the same colors, so no fighting! Each child had their own packet, so they spent some time coloring various different things--though mostly at the dolphin tank and the coral reef exhibit. It is great to watch how they sit and focus as the animals swim by them! It was also great to have them be still for a bit instead of running through the exhibits. Sometime I hope to get them to sit a bit longer at the bird exhibit, because I find them fascinating.


I have but one complaint about the zoo. They have a beautiful coral reef exhibit (it used to be where the dolphins were housed). But they have a ton of fish in there that are NOT listed on their identification list! See that albino shark up there? We guessed it was an albino shark. It was confirmed when a volunteer happened to wander through the exhibit. But we were there for a REALLY long time before anyone came through to ask. Most people would not have been there long enough to ask. And there are several other creatures in the tank we would like to know about. They just need to have some sort of book they can add them to, so we can see and identify all of them. Kind of important when you are teaching kids...

In all, though, it was another great day at the zoo. Kiddo drew some very thoughtful pictures, and learned a bit more about some of the animals we have viewed for years.

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