Friday, September 17, 2010

Fort Snelling--Health and Medicine

This was week number 2 at Fort Snelling. The theme this week was Health and Medicine. The hospital was set up with medical equipment from the 1820's (the time the fort normally portray), the Civil War, and World War II. The artifacts and replicas were well organized and there was a person there, dressed for the part, to answer any questions. Kiddo had lots. He is always very deliberate as he looks at things. If he can't reason out what the function is, he asks, then listens attentively to the response. Still makes no sense? Well, ask more questions. It usually takes us a while to get through these areas, but he learns a ton.


The Commandant's house had some interesting information, but the kitchen was great. They had gruel and beef broth--what you might be fed if you were sick. That was fun to see and learn about, though we decided that perhaps we would rather eat our saltines and chicken soup!

The Hands on History today was a little fabric pouch with sage tied in it. They used to put different herbs in for different ailments. Some of the herbs would still be usable today, and might help just as much as the medications we take.

One more week at the fort is yet to come!

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