Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Classroom today--September 7

Today was the first day of school for most public schools in our area. That means that all of those places that are too crowded to go to during the summer are now pleasantly spacious. So today we hit the Zoo again. The weather was good--a little breezy perhaps, but not terrible. We spent a couple of hours watching the dolphins, sharks and fish. When I say that to some people, they wonder how on earth I get my kids to stay in one place that long. The answer? I don't. They choose to stay that long. We do bring along colored pencils and paper. That gives them something to do that takes a little longer. But they also just enjoy darting around with their friends, all trying to find the next cool thing to point out. It also probably helps that the moms get as excited as the kids when we see the moray eel, or when the ray darts up the glass unexpectedly.

The big excitement today, though, were the babies! The baby dolphin was born in July. She isn't on exhibit yet, really, but they are allowing visitors to go up into the stadium where you can catch glimpses of her in the back pools. So very cool! There is also a baby snow monkey, born in June, that is so fun to watch! The snow monkeys have always been one of my favorites.

The kids also adore the new play area at the zoo. After lunch, we let them play and play and play. We hit the Grizzly Coast exhibit briefly at the end of the day, darting out of the zoo just before their 4 pm closing time. I love that we can spend so much time at the zoo and still feel like there more we could have done. It is a membership well worth it for us!

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