Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden fun

Gardening memories made today:
  • Kutey standing in the bright orange bucket to stomp the weeds down, while Kiddo held it steady. ( I took a mental picture of that one. So fun!)
  • Kiddo quietly and carefully trying to catch a robin, then being spooked when the robin took off!
  • Kiddo literally collapsing into the garden bed stating, "I would not want to be a pioneer!" We had just discussed how they had to clear their own land to farm.
  • Kutey stating "This is a very symbiotic relationship." She is 5. I didn't teach her that.
  • Kiddo announcing every worm he found. There were zillions of worms. Every shovelful I scooped had at least 2. So "Worm!" was kind of an understatement!
  • Kutey "planting" her shovel in the garden, then telling me we had a new plant growing.
  • Both kids lugging the bucket down the hill to empty it, after they had stomped it down so many times that it was deceptively heavy! They made it, but it was funny to watch.
  • Bugs, bugs, and more bugs! Each needing to be observed and identified, well, at least observed!
  • The kids coming back from dumping the bucket as Minions from Despicable Me. I couldn't understand them, but they were cracking up!
We headed out to the garden this afternoon before it started to rain. Again. Sigh. Kinda tired of this. It is better than severe weather, but it gets old. Especially when it seems to always hit on the weekend!

We managed to get about 1/3 of the first bed cleared. That is about half of what has to be cleared in that bed. The irises are in one corner, the thyme in another, so it is the space in the two other corners that has to be cleared if I want to plant anything. I pulled yards and yards of grass roots. Literally. Ugh. Gardening, however, was so much more fun with the kids there to entertain me!

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