Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple Orchard

It is that time of year again! Apple season. I love going to the orchard and picking my own apples. Thankfully, the kids enjoy it, too, and we have made it a yearly outing the last three years.

Last year I did quite a bit of apple themed study around the time of our trip to the orchard. This year I am not quite as prepared. I should pull out the apples I laminated last year and use them for math, I suppose. I also think we will do some apple painting, because it was a huge hit last year.

This year, however, Kiddo is looking forward to all the things we can make with apples. He wants to help make apple pie and apple crisp. He has also requested that we make apple sauce (Sid the Science Kid did it, so now we need to!)

But here's the great thing: Kutey thinks the apples are a treat! It isn't like we don't buy apples, but we haven't had them for a bit. She keeps asking to eat them. There are much worse things she could want. I just hope 13 pounds of apples is enough!

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