Thursday, October 23, 2008

Teaching reading

When I started thinking about homeschooling, I started doing web searches. Lots of web searches. I knew only a few people in real life who homeschooled. So I was looking for what others did, how they did things, and what "curriculum" they used. The one homeschooler I knew well recommended Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, so I figured I would use that. After all, she used it with her kids and they were fully able to read! I looked into a number of other methods, but returned to "Teach" because, well, I really had no way of knowing what the other methods would be like! That said, I have been perfectly happy with "Teach." We are just over half way done with the lessons, and I am pleased with the progress Kiddo has made. He can sound out words, he has a good handle on quite a few sight words, and he actually enjoys the stories. I know some reviewers think the stories are corny. I have a kid who likes corny, so the stories work for us.

I needed something to supplement, however. I needed books Kiddo could read without struggling. I needed books he could be successful with, to encourage him to read. After a bit of searching, and having Bob Books appear regularly, I decided to try them. At first glance, I thought no way. The stories are too simple, the pictures are too simple, there is no way Kiddo will like these. But I had them from the library for 3 weeks, so why not, right? Right. So I tired them. And what do you know, he likes them! He has finished set one. I have been trying to convince him to go back and read them again, and perhaps again, until they become books he can read without sounding out ANY words. He can do that for some, but not all. I would love for him to be able to read them "the fast way."

I have yet to spend a dime on these things. I have checked them out of the library. That has freed up some of the homeschool budget for things like field trips, which we have been doing with regularity! Gotta love the library!

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kemtee said...

I do love the library. I like how they do so much for the kids -- the summer reading program was brilliant this year!