Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Too many resources

I like to "shop" online. I rarely actually buy, but I like to look. I am a SUCKER for the word "SALE." Now that I am homeschooling, I find that I have even more shops to look at! I am finding that I could easily get overwhelmed with resources. They are abundant in the online stores. But this is kindergarten, do I really NEED an Organic Structure Modeling Kit, even if it is almost half off? Probably not. And if I get the Daily Math Reinforcers, how do I know they are worth it? There are so many things out there that seem great, but until I see them, how am I going to know? If I bought everything I thought might be good, or neat, or cool, I wouldn't have room in my house to move! Not to mention we would never get around to using even half of it. So I shop, fill my cart, and never purchase. It hasn't hurt me so far!

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