Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Works

The Works is a great little treasure in our area. It is a hands-on science center, where kids can learn about all sorts of science topics through interactive exhibits. It isn't huge, but that makes it manageable with kids. We have been there twice now, for their homeschool days, and have yet to cover the whole thing. And it really isn't very big! The kids just get very into one thing or another and that is all they want to do. Today we explored simple machines--gears, pulleys, levers--and then focused our attention, and time, on the marble track pieces.

They also have experiements you can go and do. This week it was mixture madness. So much fun. Kiddo learned about density of liquids and chemical reactions (namely baking soda and vinegar). It was fun. When I get a few minutes, I'll write up the experiment and post it, because it is one you can do in your very own kitchen! And it was easy enough for Kutey to do, with just a bit of help!