Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Month In

We have officially made it through the first month. Whew. The fear I had about doing this whole homeschooling thing has largely subsided. I have met a great group of homeschoolers with whom we have spent many happy mornings in the park. Two hours flies by in the company of those families! Kiddo also attended his first homeschool art class, a fabulous success in his eyes (I believe the first thing he asked when we were driving away was "Mommy, did you sign me up for the REST of the classes they have?"). We attended the first homeschool day at The Works, where we made a bridge out of various types of pasta. Following that, there was a request to purchase said pasta so we could make more bridges. I know he is learning from these outings. He can still tell me why they use triangles in bridges, why that tunnel looks like a half circle, why that was the shape they chose, and on and on.

We also got to spend a week on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Math was done on the beach with rocks. Physics was done on the beach with rocks. History, Science, Social Studies, and Art (among other things!) were covered with trips to Split Rock Lighthouse and Grand Portage National Monument, and on the beach with rocks. Reading lessons took place snuggled together under the quilt on the couch. Or once outside on the campfire chairs listening to the roar of the lake. Learning was everywhere.

One thing I rediscovered about this kid, he loves to go to the places like Split Rock and Grand Portage, but he doesn't really enjoy the tours. He tolerates them and is never rude, but what he really enjoys is being able to watch someone doing things they would have done back then and asking a million and a half questions. Grand Portage last year was a place we spent at least 4 hours. They had people in every building telling about the space and talking about what they were doing. We watched a man process wild rice in the Native American village for a long, LONG, time. We watched the cook make bread, test the oven, and then move on to cooking other items. The living history model is best for him. Split Rock was that way this year, Grand Portage had gone to the tour only mode already. We were fortunate that there was a gentleman finishing work on a birch bark canoe, and Kiddo was full of questions there. He was VERY patient with Kiddo, who was tired and didn't ask his questions very, well, he didn't use words much. But the canoe builder stuck around for a very long time to let Kiddo watch what he was doing and answer his questions. I have made a mental note to check on the status of the living history programming before we go places like that.

Finally, in the month that we have been working on it, Kiddo is reading! Granted, they are small words, and small books, but he can read, and he does so spontaneously. I am realizing, however, that the English language is a most confusing one. He will read words, and I will realize he is following the rules he has been taught, but that the word he is reading doesn't follow the rules. Sigh. We will get there. I am sure. I have a new respect for those who come to this country and try to learn English. UCK!

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kemtee said...

Told ya you'd be fine.

Y'all need to bring Kiddo down to Jamestown & Williamsburg.