Sunday, May 2, 2010

Civil War Saturday

Field TripsWe are fortunate to live in an area with lots of recreational opportunities. Three Rivers Park District operates a number of different parks in the area with a number of different purposes. One of them is The Landing, which is a living history village set 150 years ago. There are costumed interpreters and buildings of the era.

Saturday they did a Civil War encampment day. They brought in Civil War reenactors with guns and canons. I sent the kidlets with Hubby (so I could go to some garage sales). They had a great time. I talked to them a couple of times on the phone. Kiddo did not want to leave. They had to see everything before they could come home. That is how Kiddo is when you put him into a setting like that--he needs time to absorb as much as he can. We can go back many more times, and there will always be more for him to absorb. He just loves it.

At the Landing they got to ride in a horse drawn trolley, go to the one room school house, where Kiddo was quizzed on first grade spelling words from the 1860's, and visit several different houses with various activities inside. The high point of the day for both of them, though, was being asked to collect dandelions to be put into bread. The kids loved the idea of being able to eat something that just grows wild in our backyard! We had already learned that Dandelions were edible as part of our Outdoor Hour Challenge #1. Having someone else confirm this, AND being asked to collect them to actually be baked into something that could be eaten was very exciting. Of course, now they want to eat dandelions. All.the.time. Anyone have any good dandelion recipes?

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