Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Works Egg Drop Challenge

Today was the final homeschool day of the spring at The Works! The project for today was to build a contraption to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from a height of 3 stories. We opted to create one for the whole family, working together, rather than trying to get two done. This proved to be an excellent choice, given that we had a tough time even getting one done in time! We were the very last people ones to complete the drop! That is my one complaint about the activity. There was simply not enough time to do the activity. Kiddo could have done a lot more IF we had more time.

worksKiddo was full of ideas. We used a paper plate AND a coffee filter as parachutes. Many people used a balloon, but without helium, it really didn't slow things down much. The paper plate and coffee filters caught much more of the air as it came down, which slowed it down significantly. The other thing was to pad the egg effectively. Our last minute choice to blow air into the ziploc baggie that held the egg proved to be wise. It filled much more space in the the box that way, and allowed for more cushioning. We also stuffed our box with foam peanuts and bubble wrap.

In the end, we successfully dropped our egg out of the window, and the egg survived.

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