Friday, May 7, 2010

Outdoor Hour, Challenge #2

Today's challenge was to "use your words." We used to go on daily walks--last year, before we got over-involved in other things and ran out of time to do any such thing--and on of Kiddo's favorite kinds of walks to take were "sense" walks, where we used our five senses to examine and describe objects. This reminded me a little bit of that, but on a more macro level. We didn't look at one specific thing and examine it with all five senses, instead we used our senses to find things to examine.

We laid on the grass and listened. We heard birds, specifically red-winged blackbirds which are abundant in our natural area because it has wetlands. We heard the wind blowing in the trees and the cattails. We heard frogs.

We also saw lots of birds, again, red-winged blackbirds were the most abundant, but it was a great opportunity for Kiddo to add another bird to the list of birds he can recognize. And this one he can recognize by sight and sound. I am fairly certain Kutey could pick this one out, too.

outdoor hourWe also saw flowers, which we took a minute to stop and smell. Kutey loves flowers. She loved the lilacs and these pink flowers on a bush. Kiddo liked the pink ones, but not the lilacs. We also saw several birch trees, a new one kiddo is trying to be able to identify.

When we got home, we talked more about what we had seen and heard and smelled. Then we described things.

The assignment was:
One word to describe something they heard.
Two words for something they saw.
Three words for something they felt.

We didn't quite do that. We hadn't really done much touching, so I kinda skipped that one, but we did the other two.

Kutey: heard: croaking; saw: purple flowers
Kiddo: heard: chirping; saw: red-winged blackbirds, fluffy cattails, pink flowers (which smelled almost creamy--his words).

I didn't have them journal. I am still sort of trying to get into a groove with all of this!

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