Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am trying to understand. Kiddo has been introduced to Pokemon. His cousin is into it, has been for over a year. We spent a lot of time with his family over the weekend (for our annual fall camping trip), and Pokemon was present. Kiddo has no cards. Up until this weekend I don't think he knew much about them at all, except for the little bit cousin C explain in previous short encounters. But now. Well, now he knows. He hasn't asked for any cards of his own (Thank goodness!), but he is creating his own characters, drawing them, talking about damage points, powers, etc. I don't understand any of it (admittedly I have not tried). Here is my question: is there any thing redeeming about Pokemon? Will it help him with, say, math? Logical reasoning? Is there a reason I should stop ignoring it?


jugglingpaynes said...

If Pokemon is anything like YuGiOh (my son's obsession for seven years) then yes. It will help with math (scoring), strategy (figuring out which creature to use) and also with reading (usually the cards give descriptions of the character and what it can do.) I have one friend whose son was a reluctant reader who became better at reading because of the cards. You might also want to have him study Pokemon's country of origin. When My son was involved with YuGiOh, we did some research and found parallels between the show and some of the traditional Japanese theater.

I hope that helps!
Peace and Laughter,

schmobes said...

I have no idea if it similar to YuGiOh or not--mostly because I don't know anything about either! But it is good to hear that there might be redeeming qualities to what seems like a time drain....