Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Classroom Today--March 23

It was a unique Tuesday today. There are four families in our group. One couldn't make it. I got a message from another as I drove into the nature center that they wouldn't make it. I hadn't heard from the third, didn't have her phone number (which has since been remedied), and she didn't have mine. But the weather was GORGEOUS! And we were already at the nature center, so why not enjoy it!

Enjoy it we did. We started by a pond, poking at the thin sheets of ice still floating on top, fishing out snail shells, observing the leaves and bugs and things caught in the ice. Fantastic fun.

As we headed in from the pond, we heard some rustling in the leaves to the side, so we sat down as still and quiet as we could to try to see what it was. We caught just a glimpse of a very small mouse/vole/shrew as it scurried under the leaves. Quite a treat.

Then we went on a little walk. We observed all sorts of animal signs--tracks, scat, broken twigs, and that little burr in the middle of the path. That led to a great discussion about what it was and why it would have tiny hooks. So cool.

As we came back around toward the building, we spotted our friends. YAY! So the kids got to hang out with J, while I talked to his mom O. They had a great time, we ate some lunch, and played some more in the wonderful, warm sun. Ahhh...

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