Friday, April 24, 2009

Slow school week

It has been a slow school week around here. I have been super busy with a fundraising event, so I haven't had much time to pull things together. We did attend The Works homeschool day on Wednesday. It was about earthquakes. While their programs are always good, this one was my least favorite so far. They had an "earthquake" machine to simulate an earthquake. The kids built towers out of K'Nex, then put them on the machine to see how their building stood up to the earthquake. But they all stood up to the earthquake. So there was very little interesting to see. Few of them even moved, other than sliding back and forth on the machine. I have never been in an earthquake, thank goodness, but it just didn't seem like a very good representation to me. And they talked very little about earthquakes before they got the kids started, partly because building the towers takes a lot of time.

I have several things in the works to post, including our eggsperiment, a review of SpellQuizzer software, and a few other tidbits here and there. Hopefully things have calmed down for the time being...

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