Saturday, June 13, 2009


This spring, Kiddo got it in his head that we should have a garden. Actually, I think it started last fall when we read Pumpkin Jack and he decided he wanted to grow pumpkins. We have a garden, but it has not been tended since Kiddo was born. You can imagine the state it is in. I have tried to pull the grasses out once a summer, but I haven't been thorough. So having a garden seemed like a big undertaking. And Kiddo had big plans, as usual! Living in the north as we do, the season is quite short and planting seeds out of doors requires one to be quite attentive and get them in at the first possible moment. I don't plan ahead well, so we didn't hit that. I also didn't have the forethought to plant them inside first (well, I did have the thought, I just didn't have the action). So it seemed our garden was not to be this year.

But then I started clearing the garden out. It took many hours, on multiple days, but it is beginning to look like a habitable space again! And Kiddo has gotten excited about it again. He spent this afternoon out weeding with me, pulling more than one cartload of grass down the hill in the back yard to the compost pile. I bought several tomato plants, 3 pepper plants, and 2 zucchini plants. I also bought sunflower seeds, at Kutey's request. Apparently she doesn't care about the vegetables (though she loves to eat all of them), but wants to make sure we have flowers.

We are about ready to put the plants in the garden. Then the gardening lessons will really get to take off. Kiddo still wants to start plants from seed, so we'll be planning next years garden with plenty of time to get things started!

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