Monday, June 8, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday--Numbers!

It's Muffin Tin Monday again! (Though Honestly, we had lunch in a muffin tin nearly every day last week...). muffin tin MondayThis week's theme is Numbers. I made a game for the kids. I put out 11 different foods. I made cards for both Kutey and Kiddo. Kutey's had the numbers 1 to 10 on them, a wild card, and a "Mommy's choice" card. Kiddo's had math problems. All of the problems were 12 minus something. For each number or problem, they picked a food and put the correct number of that item into a space in their tin. I helped Kutey with hers, but Kiddo did his all on his own. They decided not to use all 11 foods I put out--Kiddo says he doesn't like raisins or craisins, Kutey wouldn't eat them then, either!--but they did all the cards, they just doubled up on a couple of foods. I also stuck in one "wild card," that allowed them to choose the number. I also stacked the deck, so that "Mommy's Choice" was the last card, and was a treat.

This was a very fun muffin tin to do. The kids thought it was great to play a game to get lunch. I might have to do it again, though, because Kutey has such an awful cold today that she couldn't fully enjoy it!

Here is Kiddo's:
muffin tin Monday

And Kutey's:
muffin tin Monday


~Bobbi~ said...

Good job Mama on your tins!

Michelle Sybert said...

great job! I can't believe you amde a game! And I love that you "stacked the deck" with mommy's choice and made it a treat!

Jen said...

That game sounds fun! Very creative. Yummy looking MTM lunch.