Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Giving workboxes more thought

Now that the idea of workboxes has been on the scene for a while, I have been reading more about how people are implementing the idea. Where have I been reading? Well, here, here, here, and here, to name a few. All implemented differently, all really seem to enjoy it. None of them are "just like me!" Not that I expect anyone is! Just makes me realize how much more flexible the "system" is. I have said would would never implement it as I understood it from the snippets I have pieced together. I still won't buy the book. I don't like the idea THAT much. I see it more as a starting point, and idea. Something for me to build on!

As I have been struggling lately to feel like we are even getting in the most basic things I would like (we are very relaxed homeschoolers, but I still feel like we need to cover reading and math on a daily basis), I have been thinking more and more about how workboxes might help me. I am not the most organized person, which is a big part of the reason that things don't get done. If I had to fill workboxes, at least all the pieces would be in place! I spend a great deal of time finding all sorts of great ideas (the internet is great for that!), downloading pieces for things, and we never get to them. If I had to fill workboxes, we might get to them. Kiddo responds well to a list of things to complete, and works through things quickly, so I don't see workboxes encroaching on his "free" time. Instead I see them more as accountability for me. I won't do 12 a day. I am only envisioning putting in reading, math, and unit study items. Reading is 2 boxes (actually reading plus explode the code pages), Math is 2 boxes (a worksheet plus a math activity), and unit study is one box. That is only 5. I might do 6, and throw in something I think we should do, a science experiment, a game, a recipe, something else fun. That would probably always go in the last box, since it would probably be the most open-ended of the items. I also think I would do them in the same order each day. Again, I don't see these as being for Kiddo's needs as much as for my own accountability. Kiddo is very flexible and will work through whatever I ask him to. He often asks me for specific things and I am not ready to give them to him. Sometimes they are quick to prep, other times we never get to them. At any rate, I have been thinking more about it. And you just might see some "workboxes" pop up around here soon!

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