Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why Kutey's reading list won't last long

Here is what I read to Kutey in one sitting today:

Curious George Rides a Bike by H.A. Rey
The Berenstain Bears and the Green-eyed Monster by Stan and Jan Berenstain
Walt Disney's Cinderella (yeah, she is a princess girl)
Spot goes to the Beach by Eric Hill
A Perfect Picnic (Sesame Street)
It's Check-up Time Elmo
Red or Blue, I like You! (Sesame Street)
The Flower Princesses By Elizabeth Anders
Toy Story 2
Just the Way you are (Sesame Street)
What Makes you Happy? (Care Bears)

Yes, a lot of them are the kind of books you pick up for a dollar at Target. I haven't even pulled out the books I intend to read to her, though, so these are just the books she can easily pull off of her shelf--a fruit crate on the floor that is passing as a bookshelf because our actual shelves are too full.

If she can sit through all of that (and she did, easily), I can't imagine how quickly she'll want to go through the other books once I pull them out! Did I mention she loves to be read to?

Kiddo listened to Curious George (it is new, I just bought it at the thrift shop for a quarter), then wandered off to build a LEGO car. He was listening, though, because he corrected me regularly when I misread a book (they have them memorized. That is how often they are read!)

I think we better plan to hit the library more regularly...

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