Monday, February 9, 2009

Bowl hunting

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Does anyone else have this problem? We can't keep track of snack bowls at our house. I have 18 (I kid you not) of those little IKEA bowls, (Kalas, if you must know), and yet when I went to give kids their bedtime snack of cereal, there were 0 in the cupboard. And the dishwasher is empty. So where are they?

Now, I admit, I let the kids have their snacks pretty much anywhere. I don't give them things that spill poorly. They get goldfish, cereal, granola bars (which require a bowl for whatever reason) raisins, etc. But they eat where ever they want to when it comes to snacks. Meals are at the table, snacks, well, not so much. (Yep, I'm redundant tonight, and I like to repeat myself, so?)

As I type, the kids are on a "bowl hunt." I sent them in search of the bowls I couldn't round up in the kitchen. They are enjoying it as a fun game, I am getting my bowls back. Maybe I should train them to bring their bowls back to the kitchen when they are done, but that would mean I would have to lead by example. I am pretty sure that half the bowls they have found were sitting next to my spot on the couch....

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kemtee said...

Bowls I can track. But if you find my spoons, please let me know….