Monday, February 9, 2009

Thrift shop find

I am a sucker for books. Really. I have far too many, most of them I have already read. My kids have far too many. They are taking over the house. And not in the good, "oh, look, everyone is reading!" sense. No, they are taking over in the "when did you get this funky new carpet with the Elmo faces on it?" or the "Ooooo, LOVE! the new coffee table, are the legs made out of old books?" sense. I have been trying to be good and check books out of the library instead of buying them (it is a lot cheaper, as long as one remembers to return or renew them on time). That has only helped somewhat, because I currently have 22 books checked out of one library, 29 checked out of another, and 2 checked out of a third! 53 extra books floating around is hardly helpful.

Sometimes, though, you see something that you just have to get, or it is too good of a deal to just leave. That is what happened to me today. I went to the thrift shop with the intent of buying one book. Someone sent me one of those book club chain letters, which I usually break. But hey, it says I could get 36 books for mailing out one book and 6 letters. I like new reading material (I just finished 2 books on Saturday, so I need new reading material!) and it might be fun to see what others recycle. The problem is that while I have a ton of books, I am willing to part with very few of them. The ones I have kept I like. SO I needed one book to send. The kids, of course, each needed to pick out a book. That is fine, I'd rather buy them books than toys, and really, $1 for a book isn't bad.

While I was looking for a book to send for this chain letter, however, I came across a copy of "Now I'm Reading for Beginning Readers--Animal Antics." It is a set of 10 phonics books, short vowels, so they will be an the easy side for kiddo, but again, success makes it fun! I had been looking for a cheap copy of these, or a library copy, to see what they were like, but there they were, on the shelf, for $1. And when I got the register, they rang up at 50 cents. You can't beat that! I am probably lucky I walked out of there with only that and 6 other books. They actually had a great selection today, for once.

Now, if I can just find some way to get Kiddo to think they are a treat to read......

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