Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Kiddo LOVES mazes. He used to sit down and work through 10 of them in no time flat. When you have a kid who is that excited about something, it is greatly helpful to have a site you can go to and just print a bunch. Krazy Dad's Mazes is just that. It has a TON of books that are 20 mazes a piece at different levels of difficulty. Kiddo does the intermediate level with no difficulty at all. I might have to look at moving up another level. These are very basic mazes in their appearance. There are no characters trying to get to a destination, they aren't cutesy shapes. They are just mazes, but for my kid, that is perfect.

I usually print one on the back of a math worksheet, a little reward for working through all the problems. It seems to work well for Kiddo. He actually enjoys working math problems, so he doesn't even think of the maze as a reward. He thinks the whole sheet is just fun! I figure the mazes are good for his spatial reasoning, and for his ability to keep at something until he is successful. He sometimes runs into dead ends, but turns right around and keeps on going. It isn't about doing it perfectly the first time.

What activities do you do with your kids? I am looking for some games and activities for things like math and reading. If you have any suggestions, pass them my way!

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