Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Works does it again!

Today's homeschool day at The Works involved creating a hovercraft out of a cd (a brand new one. Do they not know how many old ones are out there?), a film canister and a balloon. Intrigued? It looks something like this, only ours used a film canister in place of the bottle top. It was very cool. Kiddo and Kutey thought it was fun. Kiddo and I then had to go out and find some videos about hovercraft. This one is fun, and this one shows you how it works.

We also had a blast making K'Nex cars and racing them down the track they have there. Kutey had never really gotten into it before, so today I built her a car that actually went all the way down the track on most trials! That was an accomplishment for me, too. She loved racing it down, cheering, and taking it back to the top. She didn't understand that her car sometimes came in after the other car. She was just thrilled to have finished. Gotta like that kind of enthusiasm!

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