Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Great Backyard Bird Count

I have read about The Great Backyard Bird Count on more than one board and more than one blog. DH and I have long been birders and Kiddo and Kutey enjoy their sightings as well, so I figured, why not!

It seems fairly simple: pick a spot, watch for at least 15 minutes, and count and identify as many of the birds you see as you can. There are lists of common birds for the time of year for your area available, and the report form seems fairly simple. You can do it one day, two days, three days, or all four days. You can pick one spot, or do more than one spot.

The educational opportunities abound with this, of course, so we'll be doing more than just counting. It also feeds well into our annual trip to the Mississippi River to watch the bald eagles. That comes in just over 2 weeks.

I'll let you know what other resources I find, but there is a great coloring/activity book at Homeschool Mate. I doubt I will use the whole thing this year, but maybe I can print some of the more likely birds (black-capped chickadee, blue jay, robin, to name a few), and use those for this time. I think we'll also read "In the Snow," which is a book we were given a few years ago. It is very simple, but talks about feeding the birds (and other critters) so it would be a good story to add. Any one have any other ideas for books to read?

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