Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Great Backyard Bird Count in review

We completed the Great Backyard Bird Count last weekend. All that is left to do is log our results into the system. We watched every day from Feb. 13 to Feb. 16. Unfortunately the birds did not cooperate. We saw a mallard flying by, two house sparrows (no surprise there, they live in the bush outside our kitchen window!), 4 black-capped chickadees, and a crow. The final day of the count we saw nothing but two birds flying in the distance that we could not identify. The chickadees were the most exciting because they were very active in the yard. I was a bit disappointed, since usually we see a good number of birds at our house.

The upside is that Kiddo LOVED it. He thinks we should do our own backyard bird count on a regular basis. I think I'll sign us up for ebird. That way we can log our sightings year-round. And it looks like I should plan some nature hikes to good birding areas this spring and summer!

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sarah in the woods said...

I love watching birds. I keep a list but I've never done the weekend count. I'd love to try it though. I'll have to look up the ebird site you mentioned.