Tuesday, May 19, 2009



cookbooksIf you aren't jealous, you either already own these WONDERFUL cookbooks, or you have never heard of them.

If you've never heard of them, let me explain.

Pretend Soup and Salad People are cookbooks for KIDS! They are written by Mollie Katzen (She wrote The Moosewood Cookbook, in case you think the name is familiar). They are FABULOUS! Each recipe is 4 pages long. The first two pages are the adult pages. They give the recipe the way we are used to seeing a recipe, and give you tips and pointers for working with kids on the specific recipe. The next two pages give the recipe in pictures and simple words for kids!

These cookbooks came highly recommended from a friend. She had told me about them a while ago, and I kinda let it go. Then when I was reading about workboxes, and someone mentioned they put a recipe in one of their child's boxes for the day. I got to thinking. Kiddo loves to cook. I don't always like to cook with him. So I looked into these cookbooks again. I got them from the library first. They have been a HUGE hit. Tiny Tacos quickly became a favorite lunch. There are so many recipes I still want to try! I let Kiddo choose a recipe each week. The recipes would make great workboxables for younger kids.

There is another cookbook, Honest Pretzels, that is for 8 and up. I am looking forward to getting that one in another year or so!

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