Thursday, May 7, 2009


For the last couple of months, we have been using SpellQuizzer, a spelling software that helps kids practice their spelling and vocabulary. It is not based on a specific curriculum, which means it works well for us. We don't have a set curriculum that we use, so I have been able to adapt SpellQuizzer to our needs with ease.

The software is fairly simple and straightforward. You create a list of words and record each one in your own voice, choosing to add a reminder sentence or not. It would also work well for vocabulary, recording the definition of a word and asking the student to supply the vocabulary word. We aren't quite at the point of needing that function yet, but I can certainly see a time when that might be useful!

Kiddo has enjoyed using it to work on word families the last couple of months. For example, I might create a list that is all -at words, and he then listens and spells them out. This has helped him to see the similarity in all of the words, while at the same time determining how they are different and how that changes their spelling.

I have also downloaded some of the lists available on the website, which we will be using in the next couple of months.

I can see the program being very useful for students who memorize weekly spelling lists. The parent reads them once and the student can practice them as many times as needed. I usually set Kiddo up near me so I can see how he is doing, but I am free to do other things as I need to, also.

The only drawback to the software is that you will need a microphone to record the words, even if your computer has a built in microphone. Even with an external microphone, I had to be very careful to enunciate carefully in order for the words to be understandable. The software is usable without a microphone by entering reminder phrases, but I don't think that is quite as useful as having the recording. It would work, though, if it was the only option you had!

Check out SpellQuizzer! It has so many uses for spelling and vocabulary!

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