Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mother's Day Nature Walk

For the last couple of years, I have made it my Mother's Day wish to go hiking with my kids. I grew up camping and hiking, so I want my kids to have the same experience. While we live in the burbs, opportunities abound nearby for nature walks.

Today we drove to a nearby lake that has a path all the way around it. The path is over 3 miles long, so Kutey rode in the stroller, but Kiddo walked almost all the way around. As we walked, we identified a multitude of things from the landscape. We tried to remember what we had identified, but I am not sure we got all of it!

Here is what we remember:
Aspen trees
Norway (red) pine tree
The song of a red-wing blackbird
The call of a crow
A turkey vulture
Sumac (with the seeds from last year still attached)
Great blue herons
A duck (we think it was a coot)
Canadian geese
Beaver cut trees
Huge rabbit
A swarm of little bugs
A crow
The song of a cardinal
A cardinal

I know there was more. I also know that we walked past a lot of things that we did not identify. It took us plenty of time to get around the lake as it was! But it is so much fun to see kiddo so interested in identifying things. At one point he said "Let's identify EVERYTHING!" obviously that wasn't possible, nor is that what he really meant...he meant let's identify everything I want to identify :)

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