Monday, May 18, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday--Choose your own theme!

Today Muffin Tin Monday's theme is "Choose Your Own Theme." So I let Kiddo choose. I think he called his "The very, very, hungry worm." Kutey kept referring to hers as "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," which was last weeks theme. I like to call them "What's in the fridge?" Because I felt like we raided the fridge and pulled out a bunch of stuff and called it a muffin tin.

Here they are!
Muffin Tins

There are long stories they wrote while putting them together about what ate what and when, but I never really got the order. It was cute to listen to them make up stories, though! Kiddo really liked being able to put it all together himself. So I guess I could also call it "Choose your own Muffin Tin!"

Kiddo's Muffin Tin

Kutey's Muffin Tin

You may notice I again lined Kutey's pan with the repurposed applesauce cups. Her pan is in rough shape. I'll be buying a new one soon, until then, I feel better using the cups!

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Michelle Sybert said...

I love that you made the "theme" work for you and the kids! great job!