Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Cedar Waxwings SmallerA few weeks ago, we did the Great Backyard Bird Count. And we were very disappointed. It was still quite cold at the time, and there were very few birds out an about. That has all changed, well, except the cold part. We had a warm spell, and now we are having a cold blast. It is snowing/raining and so there is ice about, and it is only supposed to be about 10 F (-12 C) tomorrow, but it will be short lived. And the birds are returning. Every spring we wait to see the flock of cedar waxwings migrate through. Usually we see them for a brief moment when they stop to rest in our tree or a neighbors tree or a neighborhood tree. This year we have been privileged with and extended stay. They arrived on Sunday and are still here, and growing in number. This is a picture of one of the trees they were sitting in today. They were spread across three trees, and were flitting to a fourth eating the berries left on it from last year. Kiddo and Kutey got to watch them for a while. And they are LOUD! We could hear them in the house with the doors and windows closed, and this is not a tree in our yard! There is also a flock of robins moving through. They were occupying three other trees, and singing away also. A sure sign of spring! Another opportunity to record our growing bird sightings at ebird!

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sarah in the woods said...

I saw some cedar waxwings a couple weeks ago. I was at a friend's house and didn't have my camera with me, so I didn't get any pictures.