Friday, March 6, 2009

Daily Walking

When we started school last fall, one of the things we did was a daily walk. Some days we went to the park, but most days we just went out and walked around. When the weather got colder, and ickier, and eventually snowier, we stopped walking. It takes too long to get us all dressed to go out only to have it be so cold you can't walk more than a block anyway. I am the first to admit that I don't like cold. So we stopped walking.

But the weather has started to turn. It was 44 degrees yesterday, and about as warm today. Even when it was only 37 degrees on Wednesday, it was warm enough to walk to our craft day outing. And Kiddo started saying "now we are having our daily walk again!" So we went for a longer walk today. And we looked for signs of spring. The melting snow was everywhere! There were several places where I picked Kutey up because the water was pretty deep. We also heard a number of birds, not just crows! Our biggest observation though was all the ripples in the flowing water. Kiddo liked to figure out what was causing them, and watch the water find its way around objects blocking the path.

But the best part was that neither kid complained. Not once did they say they were tired. Not once did they ask to be carried. Not once did they ask if we were almost home. If that keeps up, daily walking could be the high point of every day!

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