Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Craft time

This morning we went to a MOMS Club gathering that was supposed to include a craft. The craft was there, but Kiddo really had no interest in crafting at the time. He and his buddy M were having too much fun building. M is public schooled, so we don't get to see him that often. He does Kindergarten in the afternoons, so we get to see him if we make it to a morning gathering, like today. I am sure it will get harder when he gets to all day school next year. For now, though, we are enjoying what we can.

Anyway, Kiddo had no interest in the craft. Knowing Kiddo as I do, I asked the hostess if it would be OK if we took the pieces home with us. She was happy to accommodate that request. The craft was this, which was mostly coloring anyway. I figured Kiddo would scribble a little (He doesn't really color, he likes to draw, but filling in a pre-made shape with color? Not so much), and be done with it. Well, I was quite wrong. He went to work immediately upon arriving home. He has diligently colored in 3 of the 6 shapes. He even used multiple colors for the hat! If I hadn't had to interrupt him for lunch, he might have kept right on coloring. I am so excited to see him working at something he didn't do. There is also something to the fact that this was not something he was required to do, not something that is being compared to anyone else's work, not something that is being judged. I like that he came to it in his own way. It is one of the many moments that make me happy to be a homeschooler.

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