Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MAD Science

We went to the Science Series at a local library again today. Today's presenter was MAD Science. The presentation was highly entertaining, but I still like to think the kids learned something. He did a number of demonstrations, some with chemicals--the foam head in the picture was melted by pouring a chemical on it, the foamy thing next to it he called elephant's toothpaste, to much laughter. Other demonstrations were done with air--he used a hair dryer (which he tried to convince the kids was an anti-gravity machine) to float a ball in the air, then brought out a leaf blower to float a kid on a "hover board." Kiddo knew exactly what he was going to do, answered a question, and was given the opportunity to ride the hover board! He turned it down, however, because he was a little wary of what the guy was going to do. I was worried he would regret it, but it didn't seem to phase him.

I am grateful for the organization that sponsors these activities. They provide these fabulous learning activities to us for free. Yay for groups that go out of their way for homeschoolers!

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