Monday, February 22, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday--Orange

The kids are really enjoying the color themed Muffin Tin Mondays! I have them brainstorm to come up with foods that are the particular color, which they love. We had a bit of a dispute over whether or not sp*ghettio-s qualified as an orange food or not. Kiddo still contends that they are not, but in the end the need for something a little more lunchish won out!

So here they are! The Orange tins!
Muffin Tin Monday

I even served beverages in orange cups. Kutey doesn't usually use a sippy anymore, but she is battling a cold. When she is sick, I fill the sippy to make sure she drinks enough. That way she can carry it around with her and i don't have to worry about spills!

The scone is not orange colored, but it is orange flavored. We have been discussing words that have more than one meaning (such as light), so orange fit right in! I love when I can toss some learning in, too!

Here is Kiddo's:
Muffin Tin Monday

Top row: cutie orange, carrots, dried apricots (a favorite of his), more carrots
Middle row: cheese, orange pepper, repeat
Bottom row: carrots, sp*ghetti-os, scone, sp*ghetti-os

Here is Kutey's:
Muffin Tin Monday


JDaniel4's Mom said...

The whole tin looks great! The scone looks wonderful!

w said...

first. they look great.

second. dude. i totally admire you for being able to fill up all 12 cups on tin!

~LKB said...

Looks great! The scone looks so yummy!

sunnymum said...

Tasty! I would vote for sp*ghetti-os being called orange. Thanks for sharing!

Kristie Clower said...

very cute. I think sp*ghetti-os are orange.